By young women, for young women, in the fight against HIV, iLove is a dynamic online peer-education program. The first initiative of its kind targeting young women, iLove was piloted in 2009 by graduates of LEAP for Girls. iLove seeks to provide young women with accurate information and real-world perspectives on HIV/AIDS, relationships, sexuality and sexual health.

Through iLove, specially trained teams of LEAP for Girls alumnae collaborate to produce and promote videos on issues that are vital to them and their communities, ranging from safer sex and unplanned pregnancy to “sexting.” These videos are shared through iLove’s social networks on Facebook and the iLove YouTube channel.


In 2010, iLove members produced a youth-friendly report that provides tips and techniques for groups looking to replicate their efforts, as well as members’ personal reflections on the work.

Any one person can make a change but it has to start somewhere —just as it did with us, it can also start with you.

– 2010 iLove participant

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