Two young Americans are infected with HIV every hour. Chances are you already know at least one person living with HIV/AIDS. HIV infection is a serious problem among young people, and you need to know about it. But also know this: You have the power to stop the spread of HIV.

Get informed.

You have the right to honest, accurate information about HIV/AIDS and all aspects of sexual health. We’re here to support you and give you the tools you need to protect and educate yourself. Making informed choices means respecting yourself and those around you. It’s also the first step to becoming a leader among your friends, classmates, family members and the wider community.

Get involved.

  1. Get the facts on HIV/AIDS—and use that knowledge to protect yourself.
  2. Invite a member of our Speakers Bureau to your school or community center.
  3. Ask your teacher/advisor to order our video and lesson guide.
  4. Visit Love Heals on Facebook.
  5. Hold a bake sale or car wash to benefit Love Heals or another HIV/AIDS organization.
  6. Find out about local HIV/AIDS resources. Get permission to post educational brochures in your school or community center.
  7. Teach others about HIV. Train to be an HIV/AIDS peer educator and lead workshops in your community.
  8. Volunteer for an organization that serves people living with HIV/AIDS.
  9. Organize an event on December 1, World AIDS Day.
  10. Arrange to have part of the AIDS Memorial Quilt displayed at your school or community center.

To learn more about HIV/AIDS and how you can get involved, visit our Resources.

Check out iLove to learn from and get connected with other young people.

And reach out for help when you need it.

No matter what the issue, if you have questions or are in crisis, reach out for help:

I thought ‘it’s never going to happen to me.’ I was having unsafe sex and didn’t even know what could happen. Once I got educated, I started making smarter choices. I learned to stay protected and be safe.

— LEAP for Girls facilitator in training

Through Love Heals, I became a more open person when approaching people about AIDS or sexual health problems. I no longer hesitate to educate or to offer my opinion.

– iLove participant

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